Monday, November 22, 2010

Gremlins vs.Trolls

One of the obstacles in my life is "The Troll". 
Some people blame "Gremlins" for little things disappearing and going askew. 
Major things going wrong usually are turned in to a disaster by "Trolls".
How to tell the difference: 
Gremlins usually just do little things, jokingly, and they are kinda cute and cuddly. 
They may at times be a little mischievous, but never self-centered and mean.
If they want something - they will politely ask if someone can help them to get it or do it, when the other has some time free.
Trolls on the other hand, are just plain mean and ugly. 
They, constantly, harp and nag and complain, but never listen. 
If they want something - they will order it to be done, fetched or dealt with by someone else, immediately!

My personal troll has totally monopolized my life the past year and a quarter - emailling, phoning and texting.
One day there were 43 emails and 17 phone calls from "The Troll"!, on top of 15 or 20 important ones from others.
Three fourths, of "The Troll's" were babble: of no interest, or no importance!
I need to ignore my phone and email, if I want to stay sane, and find time to actually sew and quilt. 
This is my pre-New Year's resolution, to myself.
I actually sewed today!!!
Repaired a seam on a lawn chair, before it gets put away for winter.
OK, that isn't much, but a stitch here and a stitch there.
I will find my stitching happiness, again!
Tomorrow - on to pants hems and maybe a quilt block or two!