Saturday, December 18, 2010

Feeling "Low" or "Bah Hum Bug"

I am feeling "low". 
Not decorating for Christmas!

#1 - Devine Miss M is going to see other Grandma, in NY, for Christmas. Ok, I can share!  Her Brobro & Sissy are in Florida for holidays, with their father.  Brobro flies out tomorrow and Sissy is there permanently.

#2 - DYS is getting transferred back to Florida, up side - we are going along.  I will get to watch Devine Miss M all day long, until she starts kindergarten. 

#3 - Down side we are moving "AGAIN" and to Florida. Anybody got the number for a really good allergist.  We left Florida, because I was ending up in the ER with major allergy attacks on a regular basis.

#4 - Scottish Festival we organize is about to drive me crazy.  We have one person, we refer to as the "Demented Troll". Tell her twice and she still gets everything screwed up and everybody mad. I had hoped to resign with the move. We will run things via email and phone, which is what we have done mostly anyway.

#5 - We, still, have the house we made the mistake of buy in WV.  Renters are blogging/posting/tweeting online about selling the house and buying a bigger house.  Ha - can't sell what you don't own.  So that just means they are moving and haven't notified us, yet.  Found out they have been kicked out of the last 2 or 3 houses they have lived in.  Hmmm, wish someone had told us, before rather than after.  Probably will have to go clean the house and get it listed with a realtor. Any body want to buy a house in WV?

#6 - In-laws keep calling and asking (nagging) about what the problem is with getting new passports.  Hmmm, no problem; just don't have burning desire to see them is all.  Neither does DH.  911 and needing a passport to go to Canada has saved me from the obligatory Canadian Thanksgiving week of "h-e-double toothpicks".  Being an only child suddenly seems good, after watching how the In-laws treat each other.

#7 - Sorting, packing, trashing and downsizing some more! 
Want to buy a mid-arm quilting machine?  I am not moving it!

No sewing and quilting happening here!

Yep! I am - Lower Than The Limits! 
I am feeling really overwhelmed with all that is going on.